Black Panther (2018) Review

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Black Panther is yet another successful product in the line of films of the so called Marvel Cinematic Universe, but how does it measure critically? Well, according to the Rotten Tomatoes it is doing more than well. As a person who has taken a back seat when it comes to watching trailers it was interesting to see so many people excited for this film including my family members, casuals, etc. As a comic book fan who was never particularly ecstatic over Black Panther I can easily say the film does the character justice.

It’s a simple story structure, nothing never done before, however where the film truly shines is in its world building. The fictional nation of Wakanda holds one of the most interesting cities set in modern day. The mythology, traditions, history mixed with African culture are all so very well represented. You blend this with a city of the future, technology, your eyes set stone to something you have never seen before. Where the movie also shines the most is its cast and most particularly Danai Gurira as the badass Okoye and Andy Serkis as one of the films’ big bads, Ulysses Klaw. These characters hook you in the moment they pop up on screen and remain forever so intriguing.

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No movie is without its flaws. The biggest downfall other than the simplistic story are the jokes which sometimes feel like they were made by one of those wannabe cool dads. The writing seemed to try to be “hip with the kids”, one character in particular was the bearer of some of these deliveries thankfully, even they had a lot to do. I also wanna mention what happens in after the very first part of the opening. The scene feels uneasy and placed in a weird spot only to bring up a reveal that isn’t so shocking to begin with.

Marvel started off this year on a strong note nonetheless a lot of critics have been overpraising it even though you shouldn’t expect to see anything refreshing story wise. On the other hand the world, mythos, characters (and even the soundtrack) make it a time worth spent.


And yes I loved mimicking the accents. Hopefully that won’t be labeled as cultural appropriation.

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