Early Man (2018) Review

One of the first animated movies of 2018 is out and it so happens to be presented in an ambitious stop-motion format like its popular predecessors such as Chicken Run, Shaun the Sheep Movie or Wallace & Gromit. So does it equal the quality of its older siblings? When looking at the animation or voice-acting it definelty meets those expectations. One would have to be blind not to appreciate the hard work, time and dedication put into the flick, but it’s just that, a neat flick. Similarly to the other movies, the story is simple yet specific and unique only to this movie however, it’s missing the flare of the older ones.

The comedy is witty, smart and doesn’t treat its audience like a bunch of chumps – reminds of how strong British humor can be. In fact, everything here is presented nicely, a good sit at the cinema, only it wasn’t anything I will remember a year from now like I did with Shaun the Sheep. Another thing of note is the running time, which is extremely short going on at around 90 minutes. Today we get so many amazing animated films usually 110 minutes in length which make up for the price of admission. It’s not a huge buzz kill, quality over quantity still, regular audience members might find themselves conflicted to spend their money for this exact reason.

I love animation in the style of plasticine. It’s needed now more than ever as it sets itself apart from the computer animation which dominates the industry. Nonetheless, there should be more to talk about than just the look. Even though I enjoyed myself, even if I laughed out loud, even if it’s really difficult picturing anyone hating on the Early Man, I also don’t see anyone gushing out about it.


Now who wants to play some soccer? I mean football! Or fútbol? Screw it. Let’s just go play ping-pong. I guess more correct term would be table tennis. I’m done trying.

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