Every Day (2018) Review

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Probably the movie no one cared to go see, but I was nice enough to give it the benefit of the doubt even if majority of today’s romantic films are usually stale. Where Every Day works is in its synopsis. A teenager who changes bodies every day (like the title suggests) falls in love with a girl (main character). It’s a cool idea, changes up a typical dynamic, nonetheless it’s also a silly one that doesn’t try to defend itself with the execution provided.

Simply put, the characters are forgettable to the point that I can’t even remember their names, so are a lot of the actors however, the thing to pain the most is the dialogue. It’s a weak imitation of the way today’s kids speak to each other. The plot ends up going with the cheesy route giving the main girl personal family issues as complex as Anakin’s “I hate sand” delivery. The ending while earned, feels jarring. The worst part by far was the main character’s sister who is downright annoying played by former Disney Channel star, Debbie Ryan. Thankfully her screen time was very limited.

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I don’t wanna make it seem like there were any expectations going into this film, in fact it was something rather charming. The main question is: if I were to leave the screening at any minute, would I find myself dying of curiosity to know what I missed? No. Maybe it’s not my type of film, though is it for your average couple? The answer is still an astounding no. Totally skippable.


Geez. This weekend was rough for me.

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