Red Sparrow (2018) Review

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I would love to have asked the people if only they hadn’t left the theatre in the middle of the movie. That’s right, not one, not two, but four people walked out on the Red Sparrow. Granted they were couples, but still beyond emberassing. The damned who stayed, including me were forced to suffer through a never ending story. The movie kind of opened promisingly showcasing Dominika’s (Jennifer Lawrence) tragic fate, everything after that crumbled into pieces.

The characters are all unlikable lacking fascinating layers, the characterization is awful, things happen because the story requires them to, Russian accents are shoddy. A truly difficult plot to sit through because everything keeps just dragging on until the viewer gives up and loses any interest. The writing wants us see Dominika prevail yet when it seems like she is about to die I was prepared to let out a sigh of relief and leave the cinema as the credits scrolled. Some scenes felt downright mind deafening to the point where I heard someone burst out laughing behind me.

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A movie treating itself so seriously is too blind to guide the audience along on a ride that’s special. Truly a sad thing many thought this was a viable enough to put out and hope for something good. Dissapointed in Francis Larence for creating something so bad. The worst part is we can’t blame mother nature for such atrocity.


We also can’t forget about the star, Jennifer Lawrence who should stop with the symbolism, walk out on a street holding a sign saying, “Gimme dat Razzie” so everyone can understand and give her what she wants.

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