Marvel Phase 4 Predictions – MCU – New Releases in 2021 & 2022

Marvel Studios just announced a new list of mystery release dates for their Phase 4 line up of movies. Today my job will be to take everything we know about Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and utilize it to put out a believable list. Avengers 4 is coming out in May 2019, only a year after Infinity War. Marvel is very secretive about what the film is as it will be the last chapter in Phase 3 of the MCU. It seems the title will be revealed in one of the post-credits in Avengers: Infinity War or during San Diego Comic-Con where all the mystery dates will be unveiled. Now onto Phase 4….

Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 – July 5th, 2019

Opening Phase 4 is your Friendly Neighbourhood!

Image result for spider-man homecoming 2
A really neat graphic I found

Both the film and its date have been OFFICIALLY confirmed given Sony’s urgent need to poor out as much Spidey goodness as possible. Their plan was always to put out Spider-Man movies every 2 years so the placement makes sense. Sony has also been more than eager to squeeze out as much from the Spider-Man brand, because that’s the only Marvel property they own. This is evident with their attempt to make a Venom film and the sequel movie will continue that tradition. The post-credit scene at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming hinted towards Scorpion, another Spider-Man villain who will be our big ba. You don’t get an actor known to portray crazy maniacs just to have him cameo.

Related image

This will lead to a build up for the introduction of the super villain team known as the Sinister Six. Just like its predecessor, there is more than one bad guy and he’ll be known as Mysterio, an illusionist who uses convincing magic tricks to fight. This will already mark 4 members for our Sinister Six group. We’ll also need to re-introduce Harry Osborn and the real Mary Jane Watson for our later plans with the franchise. To me this is a missed oppurtunity because having Peter return from space without bringing back the symbiote like in the comics, later known as Venom, is a missed oppurtunity, but he’s getting his own movie which is why his involvement in the story is excluded. Oh well….We can’t have everything.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 – May 1st, 2020

Galaxy’s greatest a-holes.

Image result for guardians of the galaxy vol. 3 adam warlock

Starting here all choices are mere speculations. No way will this movie be about someone else other than Adam Warlock, a powerful Marvel character who once held a strong connection with the Infintiy Mind Gem. It felt like another missed opportunity to not have him be introduced in the 2nd Guardians in time for his battle against Thanos. Regardless we’re still getting him so they better make up. Got to admit, I don’t know much about Adam Warlock other than being a cool, powerful guy from the Infinity Gauntlet storyline, but I’m sure watching him swipe our favorite space heroes left and right will be glorious.


Image result for guardians of the galaxy vol. 3 adam warlock
Adam Warlock’s “cacoon”

Black Widow – July 31, 2020

It’s been a long time comin’!

Image result for black widow and bucky

Black Widow is such a rich character who is emotionally more complex than every other hero in the Marvel Universe. Many don’t know this, but Natasha hides so much pain inside that haunts her ’till this day. A summer release for a spy-thriller is a perfect time for a movie like this. The best part is you can set it in any time you want. The past adventures of Black Widow, when she was younger can be as powerful if not more than the ones in the present. You can answer all the questions the viewers had about her, explain the relationship with Bucky hinted back in Captain America: Civil War, show the Red Room for what it is and even go into the Cold War although that might be budding heads with Wonder Woman 2’s setting. If not set in modern day, add flashbacks and you got your Black Widow movie. About time.

Image result for black widow red room


Black Panther 2 – November 6th, 2020

All hail the king!

Image result for black panther 2Other than being a cool character Black Panther lacks a rogues gallery especially when all the big ones were used in the first film. After his cinematic success Marvel is more than eager to fast-track this train quicker than the colonialists were able to [censored for trigger warning reasons].  I wanna see Wakanda go to war with another nation that has been hiding itself for centuries, as powerful, as dangerous, ladies and gentlemen I bring you Atlantis! Yes, this means T’Challa will have to rival the likes of Namor the Submariner, the King of the under water world. Imagine the scope, King vs. King! To add extra stakes we’ll have Namor bring on a flood like never before.

Image result for black panther vs namor

Namor’s film rights belong to Universal, but if they were able to deal with Hulk who is also owned by the studio or Spider-Man, there will be no problem here. Just thinking about it is giving me goosebumps. I wasn’t overly hyped for the first Black Panther movie, but seeing this would be epic. A Batman vs. Superman done right. If Kevin Fiegie is listening then please go through with this. It would also be a natural progression for the character as the Wakandan leaders would find a way to blame it on T’Challa’s decision to open themselves up to weaker countries.

 Fantastic Four – March 5th, 2021

Fantastic Four in Phase 4!

Image result for fantastic four marvel comics

This movie is actually nowhere to be seen on Marvel Studios’ schedule, however it is on one of Fox’s Mystery dates. The reason why I included this one here is because the Fantastic Four will be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe unlike the X-Men whether Disney ends up acquiring 21st Century Fox or not. They will definitely partner up and try to add the beloved family into the list. Why not the X-Men? I believe Marvel Studios is smart enough to realize adding X-Men into the MCU will cause too many plot holes to deal with like: how come no one ever mentioned the existence of mutants? Why weren’t the X-Men questioned by the government during the Civil War? No news about about them? You see? The only legitimate way to bring them is through the Infinity Gauntlet’s world warping reality powers to retcon them in, but that’s unlikely. With Fantastic Four you can easily introduce the team without running into any of those problems. In fact, it could be an origin story, but who would be the villain?

Related image

Super Skrull is the perfect foe given his alien race will be introduced in Captain Marvel. This is a perfect time to also set up a little event which we will get to eventually (more on it later). We will also not be throwing Doctor Doom in your face right away. Victor will be in the film, only with a limited role because this character needs to be done right and having him be the team’s debut villain might risk rushing his true potential as seen in the past. Overall, this is a perfect choice for our heroes.

Captain Marvel 2 – May 7th, 2021

The space coalition.

Related image

It is said the first film will be inspired by the Kree/Skrull War so it is only appropriate we continue this tradition and have part 2 be a loose adaptation of the Korvac Saga with Phyla-Vell aka Quasar as a supporting character. Many wonder what will happen with Hulk or Thor after Infinity War so maybe we can even integrate one of them into the story as the Avengers representation of the comic. It’s a shame they went with Carol Danvers as the Captain Marvel, but it seems we’ll have to live with it. Way more could’ve been done with Mar-Vell with all his Starlin source material to pick from so hopefully he gets an even bigger role in the sequel like the Wasp did with hers.

Image result for korvac saga

Given how the original Guardians of the Galaxy from the comics were introduced as the Ravagers in GOTG Vol. 2, we could find a way for them to join. They too were an integral part of this storyline. I really think it will be special as long as Michael Korvac will be the prime villain.

Spider-Man: Homecoming 3 – June 18th, 2021

No flashy tag. I like trains.

Image result for spider-man and mary janeJust to clarify, this release date too was made up. I had to throw him in somewhere where it would match Sony’s two year gap, but also wouldn’t bud heads with Marvel Studios’ line-up. We are finally giving people what they want and providing the Kraven demand. The story will only be inspired by the Kraven’s Last Hunt story arc because let’s face it, too dark for a Spider-Man movie, especially one part of the MCU. This one will also continue to develop Peter’s relationship with Harry, Mary Jane, and reintroduce Norman Osborn, not as a villain though. Not yet. For good measure Chameleon will be the secondary foe and why not? He is Kraven’s brother so it would make a lot of sense.

Image result for kraven the hunter

The main adversary will be the 5th villain who is going to be a part of the Sinister Six we will be building up to. This means Spider-Man will be the only hero in the MCU who will get more than a trilogy. Why? Because Sony wants that Spider-Money! Also because Peter is too rich of a character to leave out at 3 films.

Black Knight – July 30th, 2021


Related image

I know this is a crazy choice, but even Marvel Comics has been sitting on pile of cash they have been missing out on for far too long. The potential for Black Knight is just too big. For one the character design is just too damn epic, we would go with the Dane Whitman version of the character, but why am I so hell bent on this project? Weirdworld my friends. What is “Weirdworld” you ask? Let Wikipedia sell it to you: “a floating island composed of fragments from many alternate reality magical realms like Polemachus, Crystalium, and Klarn”. It can be a Tolkien-esque fantasy series Marvel never made. Kevin Fiegie did say starting Phase 4 things will be very different, some announcements we won’t even expect. If this is what he has in mind I am so ready. Another character I need to see appear in this which many have been waiting for is…. Man-Thing.

Image result for man-thing

Technically the character doesn’t have anything to do with Weirdworld, but no one will really mind the change. It is a realm for all magic and mysticism anyway. We could even have Doctor Strange show up and drink his never ending beer. In the center stage of it all we have the Ebony Blade which Dane is addicted to use (kind of like Golem). Since Black Knight doesn’t have much source material to go on from, the director can go nuts.

Moon Knight – November 5th, 2021

You thought you’d never see it.

Image result for moon knight

Marvel Studios head Kevin Fiegie said post-Phase 3 things will be a lot different and I’m leaning heavily on his words. I am more than confident that this will be the upcoming project in the works especially at a time where Moon Knight has had a big resurgence in amazing stories to draw inspiration from. I would love to see the Warren Ellis run get an adaptation which highlighted the character’s multiple personality disorder. Mister Knight could even get some Award buzz if they get the right guy. There have been many rumors surrounding Jake Gyllenhal going up for Batman, but I say give him Moon Knight. The guy will have both a character he can sink his teeth into and a superhero/anti-hero. Seeing the staircase scene on screen would be such a beauty as well.

Image result for moon knight warren ellis

The comic book run it will take inspiration from doesn’t even explain Moon Knight’s origin and I believe that would be a very intriguing, new way for an MCU movie. Also please no excessive swearing. Moon Knight isn’t a Deadpool-like anti-hero who curses left and right every other sentence. We all know what the sequel will draw inspiration from so I’ll leave that for my Phase 5 post if there is a demand.

Black Panther 3 –  February 18th 2022

Step into the background.

Related image

After the events of Black Panther 2 Wakanda finds itself in a crisis like never before. The country despises its king and it’s time he gave up the throne or at least have it taken away from him by no other than his lover named Nakia. Many don’t know she is a villain in the comics known as Malice who shares many similarities to the film version. She ends up teaming up with Man-Ape who also appeared in the first film with the name M’Baku. We know he is also power hungry for the throne so this makes a lot of sense.

Image result for black panther vs man-ape

Even though it may not seem as big as Wakanda vs. Atlantis it will have high stakes and tension because all the characters we’ve known will reach a climactic point in this final installment. Seeing the character progression of Nakia becoming a threat is going to be interesting. And it doesn’t have to be executed in the same way as in the comics if people aren’t fans of that version. They can change things up and make tie into the movie’s choice.

Secret Invasion – May 6th, 2022

Plot twist!

Image result for secret invasion

I am more of a believer that this will be the route they go with Avengers 4, that’s where my bets are going, but let’s say Marvel will try to separate Infinity War into two parts like originally intended. After Phase 3 I am more than confident Marvel will drop the  “Avengers” title card to just the event names. Now imagine what you can do with this film! Skrulls are an alien race that can shapeshift into anyone they want with the exact same power attributes. It will be a very natural progression for the universe because of the Skrull introduction in 2019’s Captain Marvel and the later re-appearance of the race through the Super Skrull in the original Fanastic Four movie we are working on.

Related image

There are many players who could have been Skrulls this entire time. The clear candidate would be a hero who hasn’t been truly useful nor ever got a chance to shine like in comic books. I’m of course talking about Hawkeye and his entire family! They’re all Skrulls! Think about it. It makes so much sense. Skrulls would wanna infiltrate the most secretive organization, S.H.I.E.L.D. and they’d do it as its most trusted agent. I think after the first Avengers film he could’ve been taken in by the invaders. And no, the real Hawkeye will not have a family making Black Widow feel a bit dumb.  Also given his involvement with the U.S. government Rhodey would also make a great Skrull. It would also kind of acknowledge the actor change in Iron Man 2. Overall I’d find these two choices as the best ones. Others could be Hank Pym or the president of America.

Midnight Sons – July 29th, 2022

The boys are back in town.

Image result for midnight sons

Many people reading this blog are probably wondering where Doctor Strange 2 is however Kevin Fiegie has clearly stated he isn’t so crazy about continuing that hero’s franchise. Having this said we will want to continue his adventures in some way or form. There have also been many demands to give Blade a reboot or Johnny Blaze another chance. I say forget about that and bring them all into one movie. Marvel can’t stress enough about their Phase 4 line-up being different and I’m taking their word for it. After introducing Moon Knight in his solo outing putting the guy on such a team would really work. Hannibal King, Daimon Hellstrom and Jennifer Kale are some of the other magic based characters. It could spiritually be a Doctor Strange sequel and continue Baron Mordo’s hunt to kill all magicians.

Image result for jennifer kale

And this marks the end of Phase 4! I got so many more plans cooked up for Phase 5 & 6 so if you’re interested enough ask for it and I shall provide. If you have any problems or issues about my line-up I will try to respond to them below. If your questions still aren’t answered then leave a comment.

  • What about the Disney/Fox deal? The deal hasn’t passed through yet so I treated everything as if Fox still owned everything. Even if the deal passes through X-Men will likely stay within their universe while Marvel Studios can probably work out some deal to even acquire a partnership with Fox to get the Fantastic Four in the MCU.
  • Where is Ant-Man 3/Ant-Man & the Wasp 2? I believe there aren’t any more stories that could be told about the two. What would you even call it? Ant-Man, Wasp & Goliath? Come to think of it the name sounds funny. The point is this franchise could be an exception and not be a trilogy. They aren’t even massive box office draws compared some of these other properties.
  • Any chance we get a Thor 4? Doubt it although seeing the God Butcherer story arc would be beautiful to see get adapted. I honestly hope I’m wrong because then we can get Beta Ray Bill to have a proper introduction.
  • What about the non-Marvel Studios movies that are part of the MCU? The only ones I took into account are Spider-Man and Fantastic Four, but chances are Sony and Fox will want to get more things out that spin-off out of the two franchises. We already know the Venom movie will be out later this year while Fox is planning a Doctor Doom standalone which should come out sometime in 2020 (before the first Fantastic Four on my list). Sony also plans Silver Sable & Black Cat and some other stuff no one cares for while Fox got Brian K. Vaughn to write the screenplay for a Silver Surfer standalone. Those I will leave out from my list right now.

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