Game Night (2018) Review

Image result for game night movieI was the only person who was at the earliest screening of this movie. Kind of sad if you think about it because Game Night is actually a pretty darn good movie. For a mystery comedy you’d expect it to be half-baked however what impresses me the most is the detail put in by the director and screenwriters. It’s refreshing to see a straight up comedy that takes its characters seriously and wants to develop a story where each gets some little development. I didn’t realize every important player had something to contribute in a way that feels natural and right until the half of the movie.

For a comedy I expected more bits trying to hurt the story like usually seen in a lot of the sloppier films of the same genre. Too many sacrifice a good story for the sake of the gag of the minute. Game Night did have a couple central scenes focusing on getting out the laugh, but again it’s handled organically. The movie did have a number of negatives like the second act which the first half didn’t flow. The writers purposefully were going in a certain situation, at one point even having me worried a bit about the quality going down luckily, they were able to convince me from feeling cheated. Given the “family game night” aspects were so nicely interwoven with the plot that I wished there was more of it. The competitive task at which the characters were sent on could have been expanded on because it was so entertaining to see.

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If you’re expecting a laugh out loud comedy this isn’t it however if you’re looking for a time well to spend then you have my blessing. What you can expect is a story that’s fun and surprisingly pays attention to deatils which come full circle really nicely. Glad people still want to create different types of comedy.


The scenery, intro and credits are such great  touches. Reinforces what I said earlier.



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