Sherlock Gnomes (2018) Review


It’s not every day you go see a movie expecting a pure heaping pile of garbage and walk out somewhat pleased. Sherlock Gnomes or Gnomeo & Juliet 2, as some may call it, is about the two lovers teaming up with the famous Sherlock Gnomes to save their friends and family who were kidnapped by a threat not so strange to the heroes.

I can’t stress this hard enough, the film is nothing amazing, not even great, but I have to stay true to my feelings and state that it was what I would have expected if I liked the first film that came out in 2011 (which I didn’t). I also have to state this is probably one of the most predictable movies I’ve seen in a decade yet being overly critical at this point alone makes little to no sense. The story is what you would’ve expected from a kids movie surprisingly not treating the target demographic like an audience unable to follow easy plot progression, like a lot of other movies out there. The characters are interesting and even though it was one of the more ordinary viewings at the theatre again, trying to reach for any bleakness for the sake of sharing a similar opinion to the masses would be reaching and untrue.

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The movie you should see with a kid. As an adult, you won’t find anything special about it, however, it does have a flare of delightfulness many wouldn’t have problems sitting through. The animation even takes some unexpected liberties. Notwithstanding this review will probably bite me in the future somehow, I’m okay with that.


Which ones should we get next?


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