If Thanos Doesn’t Win Then We Will Lose!

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! New writer here at ReelReader and today I want to talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s big bad, Thanos. Ever since the fifth installment of the MCU, we have been teased over the years for the arrival of the Mad Titan, but what will make him great? Is it seeing a couple of the Avengers die or will it be the outstanding performance of Josh Brolin as the titular character? I’m Reggie and today we will answer that question through various details of the MCU.

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I wasn’t surprised by the purple guy until the recent trailer came out as it got me excited for Thanos because his previous appearances didn’t seem to add up to what I believed the character to be. In the comics, Thanos is seen as not only the leading scientist of his planet but he was also the most determined, whereas, in the Guardians of the Galaxy, director James Gunn turns the character into this clumsy fool who would lend someone his chance at destiny. Another outlook of the situation might be that Thanos doesn’t know if he himself can hold the Infinity Stones prior to seeing Ronan wield the might of the power stone, which reasons him to send out a dummy. But even that can be contested with the fact that Thanos specifically assigns Ronan to bring him the stone back to him, all while his favorite daughter tags along! His first live-action scene was a cameo, but that short and sweet scene captured the essence of Thanos evil with the Other speaking of what’s to come. The official Avengers: Infinity War trailer shares the vision that I have for the last son of Titan with the determination and intelligent warlord look and feel of Thanos being prominent.

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Only a few big changes have been made to the story of Thanos as to where in the 1991 comic book series titled, The Infinity Gauntlet, the Mad Titan was obtaining the gauntlet to court Mistress Death and he murdered the people of his home-world. Whereas the MCU has dedicated the death of his world to the Celestials and his mission to gather the infinity stones to creating balance in the universe. Reverting his pure evil side for a more sympathetic but still crazy one, which is what we’ve been seeing in the MCU for years now with the likes of Ultron and Killmonger.

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The question of how good Josh Brolin’s performance will be is nonexistent because I trust that he can bring the character to life. But will killing off a few Avengers be enough? No, because we’ve seen it done before with Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Yeah, ending the lives of major characters will stick to his name, but it won’t put him close enough to the other villainous portrayals of the past. Instead, it would play second fiddle to the gold standards of the episodic villain Darth Vader and the insanely great performance of Heath Ledger’s, Joker. Which puts us back at the question of what will make Thanos great? And that will be the unification of six stones on one gauntlet ready to change the universe as we know it.

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With the infinity gauntlet just about anything can be done on a minor to a major scale, which is why in the end if Thanos were to lose then so would we. Anyone of the Avengers could simply take hold of the soul stone and bring the departure back to life or have Dr. Strange hit the rewind button to a better time and plan for the set arrival. Yeah, the change may screw up the timeline such as what happened in 21st Century Fox’s, X-men franchise, but the option is there. It might be likely to change the mind of the next Thanos with the mind stone. Therefore everything in Thanos battle against the universe can be done and is possible to reach. The newest trailer shows Gamora narrating about how Thanos can just snap his fingers and kill billions once the stones are unified. Not only that but we all know that he wants to create balance in the universe and that is something that he might need the reality stone to do. The only stone that we haven’t seen anything special from within the MCU and the one that can change everything. If Thanos changes the MCU’s reality, it would be an unprecedented move for cinema and villains alike. Where in the past, movies have removed one nuisance from their universe or changed the future and vice versa. The huge problem that could develop is how much of a change is Thanos allowed to make, does it stop with half of the universe gone and is it even controllable. Can Scarlet Witch perhaps stop him or guide his failure if he should die from the raw power of the infinity gauntlet? Who knows which is why we will have to wait and see on April, 27th to find out just how much of an impact Thanos will leave on audiences.

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