Ready Player One Review

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After the longest time of waiting, I finally had the chance to see Ready Player One. Better late than never, right? It follows Wade Watts’ adventure to find three keys which are scattered throughout a virtual universe dubbed the OASIS. To find them is to inherit the fortune of the world’s inventor.

There’s a lot to like about this film in particular. The opening alone pulls the viewer in as he sees a glimpse into the expansive, and to some, even iconic environments. Sadly, the movie does fall on its face and becomes another simple adventure film with little to offer, lacking to satisfy. The special effects are amazing as they are responsible as to why some of the scenes are so smile-inducing. That feeling only stays in the first quarter of the film. Eventually, even those things seize to exist minus the final act bits. Suddenly the only thing keeping the audience in their seat is the curiosity factor of the final destination. This won’t bold well in its second viewing. The movie also has a tendency to undercut many of the value of the rules it sets up, providing an easier answer or lack thereof.

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Many integral scenes happen off the screen like the story progressing from the antagonist’s point of view. This brings me to another major problem. The adversaries, more particularly its leader and his henchwoman. Never have I ever expected such bland generic bad guys who are so overly used. Usually what Spielberg does is take an uninspiring character and makes them a lesser piece of the film, however here, this isn’t the case. The movie spent too much of its running time on the face of the organization, instead of the organization itself. The recurring dialogue or monologues only made it that much more repetitive.

The relationships could’ve also used more development to avoid the embarrassingly rushed chemistry between its cast. We barely get to meet the side characters which later end up having key scenes which miss any emotional impact. The less said about the romantic side of the story, the better. The only chemistry which works is the one between Parzival and Aech which should’ve been the focus all along.

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Ultimately, Ready Player One is a film which will be serviceable for only its first sitting. It abandons elements of adventure and characterizations for stale distractions. A phrase summing it all up would be missed opportunity because even as a film which markets itself as a trip down fandom, it misses the mark. Thankfully, the special effects and a strong beginning, push it to a spot which it barely deserves.


Seriously, why would you sacrifice only two seconds each on the pop culture characters we all so badly wanted to see interact with each other! It could’ve been so epic.

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