A Quiet Place Review

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It’s already been 4 months, but only now can I strongly say a film will end up as one of the year’s best. I’ll spare you the synopsis to keep you as spoiler free as I was when going into this thing. I saw no trailer, only heard the buzz surrounding it. It was all worth it.

I also don’t wanna give away too much the emotions that I went through. I hate setting up people for expectations they will try to reanimate in their sitting so, for now, you’ll just have to go for it. Sure is a horror film, but one that shares many of its similarities to its genre in relation, thriller. This means that all and any traditional horror tropes you’re expecting will not be here. Instead, I was at the edge of my seat, constantly thinking about how things would conclude. Not how they would end up scaring me. It was like going through a rollercoaster of emotions.

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Image via Nerdist

John Krasinski, who also directed this movie, stars as its main lead. He and the other actors deliver solid performances funded in a story completely immersing you in this world. You really feel what the characters are going through in scenarios you would hardly imagine yourself in. Another beautiful thing about the film is its ability to tell stories visually. It finds itself with storytelling limitations which the director utilizes that are way more effective. You can call it this version of “the broken shark of Jaws“, only done so purposefully. The strategic bits and pieces of some background information are also sprinkled in throughout. Emily Blunt also plays a major role who probably steals the show, especially with the scene. Aside from image, the movie also values sound. Everything you hear is important.

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If I’m doing a bad job selling you at this movie then my job here is done. My duty is to inform you as to what to see or what not to. I also wanna ensure you get the most out of your money spent and by blurring out my exact thoughts would get in the way of that. So believe me, when I say watch this movie, do it. Don’t watch the trailers, don’t ask about your friend’s reaction, don’t watch any reviews (other than this one because I am supah anti-spoiler). Just watch it. And experience it for yourself.

We live in a day and age where so much is based on hype and relevancy. This movie has no hype train around it nor does it have many political meanings to preach about. What it will do is put you through emotions, it will give you something more than just a fandom satisfaction. It will be more than a statement meant to inspire you. It will just make you feel.


I saw someone posts J. Krasinski and Emily Blunt should play Reed Richards and Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four. Yes.

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