Citizen Kane (1942) – Top 100 of All Time

Director: Orson Welles

I have finally begun my journey to watch the Top 100 Movies of All Time (American: 1912-1996) and on top of this list was no other than Citizen Kane. I’ll come out clear to say the film wasn’t my favorite of all time, but cinema magic it was. The picture opens in a way in which right away grabbed my attention, the haunting atmosphere aka my favorite part of the whole. Funny enough the plot is nothing close to what you’d expect from such a start, but that’s not to say the feeling ever dissolves. In fact, the whole experience felt rather disturbing in a more symbolic sense, this being accomplished by the sheer genius of the men in charge.

Orson Welles directed, produced and stared as the main hero. He even co-wrote the screenplay with the talented Herman J. Mankiewicz. A huge problem in mystery films is how so many of them do rely on the clue letting everything else just revolve around it however, same cannot be said here. The creatives manage to use the unknown as a motivator in purpose of engaging the viewer to hook them in. What truly matters are the characters and most importantly, Charles Foster Kane. A complex, wealthy man with what many of us would comfortably compare to Tony Stark, only dealing with a much more effective personality. This isn’t your typical classic movie about likable main characters that deliver campy dialogue. It’s a deep delve into the humanity or maybe even lack there of within a man not many can emphasize with. Difficult to determine whether it holds up on the second viewing. It did go from one point to another expectedly.

Image result for citizen kane

Credit: Greg Toland (camera work)

Truly a gem. I was completely dominated by the tone and the subtle symbolic undertones. It begs to ask whether it really is worth being rich. The picture holds up, remains as one of the best shot to date, with great characters and surprisingly solid deliveries. Crazy to think how after all this time Citizen Kane still is like never before. Impressive even if I do question its top spot.

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That white parrot though! Damn that white parrot!

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