Gone With the Wind (1939) – Top 100 of All Time

Director: Victor Fleming

This film was both 3 and a half hours long, and a romance. Definition of something that shouldn’t interest me at all. Behold the number 4 choice on the spot of the Top 100 American Films of All Time (1992-1996). I heard a lot of things about this movie, one of them being how it remains as the highest grossing film of all time when adjusted for inflation making even more than Avatar. I wasn’t so keen on watching any of it knowing it was a romance until this list forced me to. Well what now? For one I wanna mention how this is the most “romantic” romantic movie of all time (only people who’ve seen will know what I am talking about). If anyone had told me what this really was I’d have probably watched it earlier, but maybe the surprise factor wouldn’t have been there. I let my silly brain assume this was going to be a cheesy classic only considered worthy because it was one of the firsts. I was so wrong. Dead wrong.

Scarlet O’Hara remains as one of the most interesting heroines to date, which is not something scuff at. She’s a character a normally sane person knows they shouldn’t like during, nor after viewing the whole thing, but there are surprisingly layers upon layers of deep characterization which make Scarlet too intriguing. The entire cast does a wonderful job, I even get a bit teary eyed at one specific scene towards the end. For an almost 4 hour movie, a lot happens. Having this said the latter portion of the second half slowed down a bit too much, which didn’t make me enjoy the film any less, only made me wonder whether I’ll be able to be as engaged throughout, as in this first sitting.

Related image

The first half of the movie by far succeeded any of my expectations and delivers on a cinematic experience worth seeing for one’s self. My feelings of the film were over the roof. Judging the whole I was fully invested, some of the lines even left me in awe. Gone With the Wind ultimately holds its place as a great delivering on grounds I did not expect it to. To add more of an emotional punch I would have cut out the last minute of the movie and leave it off in the more unexpected part, but that’s just a nitpick.

Zrzut ekranu (8)

By the way the ending was kind of spoiled for me a couple months beforehand, yet it never discouraged me from awaiting what happens next. The ending was really worth it for me. What’s happening to me? Am I actually enjoying romance?

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