Lawrence of Arabia (1963) – Top 100 of All Time

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Director: David Lean

Lawrence of Arabia takes the 5th place on the Top 100 Greatest American Movies of All Time list (1992-1996). Sadly, it was bound to happen that a film so beloved by the film critic community would receive a different reception from me. If anything this series of posts shows is that even genres which do not interest me have the ability to leave myself in awe. The production is very well made, no one can deny that. The camera work, editing, cinematography and especially the score are all executed with near perfection however it has couple major flaws causing a chain reaction or more accurately, a domino effect.

That flaw of course being the main character himself, Lawrence. He’s your typical iconic scout boy, at least this is what you’re supposed to believe. And yes, even though he does act in place of high moralities it is dealt with in a weird off-handed way. The supposed positive trait later becomes irrelevant when Lawrence acts in ways that would make him unlikable. Although the attempted characterization was appreciated it didn’t fit with the rest of what we knew about our hero. It was very bizarre to see such a good hearted man abruptly speak and act in opposite to his earlier self.  Most of the major decisions made by Lawrence, made me more disconnected and really confused. Next, big flaw was how about one tenth of the movie was spent on shots dedicated of capturing travelers wandering through the desert. That’s way too much in a 3 and a half hour sitting. Glad to point out the second half is more generous in this field.

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Really hate disliking something so beautifully shot

Lawrence of Arabia is a film that had heart and soul poured into it, that much is seen, but it fails because of the foundation that is its main title hero. In no way shape or form is this a bad movie, but neither is it a very good one. The over saturated amount of focus on landscapes, scenery did not help. A time bound to be forgotten,

Zrzut ekranu (9)

Well yikes! I really didn’t want it to come to this. At least we can say Disney’s Aladdin did it better?

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