The Wizard of Oz (1939) – Top 100 of All Time

Ah yes! One of the most iconic if not the most iconic movie of all time finds itself on the 6th spot on the Top 100 American Movies of All Time list. It’s a wonderful adventure, a fable-like tale. Anyone can sit down, watch, take in the enjoyment and presentation. Even though everyone sees how much it has aged it doesn’t bother anyone which stands the true test of time. Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale is so memorable, delivering on the character’s innocence and her talented, beautiful voice while singing the most beloved song, Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Bert Lahr as the Lion is another highlight of the film providing the best amount of comedy. And who could forget the so ever unforgettable performance of Margret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the West? Truly gives me the vibes of my auntie! Only negative would be please, less Munchkins. Those guys are so ugly, creepy and disgusting. I mean look at that!

Image result for munchkins wizard of oz
At least the Winged Monkeys were supposed to be creepy while they thought this was cute! It makes it that much worse. I will have nightmares.

What adds to the film was that similarly to Gone with the Wind it had a very complicated production process with many directors taking charge, in this case 3. This is not counting Richard Thorpe who later had all his shots replaced and cut out by George Cukor’s demand. He desired to switch Dorothy from a blonde to a red-head along with all the changes which are now so synonymous to the film (even though he shot zero of the scenes). Victor Fleming (also of Gone with the Wind) is considered the main director, then King Vidor completed the scenes in Kansas including the tornado sequence and the famous song sang by Dorothy. A lot to unpack indeed, yet rarely seemed like it was directed by more than one person. 

The Wizard of Oz is a story known by everyone nevertheless, everyone deserves to actually sit down and watch it. It’s a testament of the beginning of the Golden Age of cinema, simply too iconic to miss out on. We owe this one a lot. The reason why we even have the flicks we love.

Zrzut ekranu (10).png

What’s more creepy? The Munchkins or the Winged monkeys? You already know my answer.

Image result for winged monkeys from the wizard of oz
Sweet dreams!


Image result for ugly munchkins wizard of oz
And GOOD LUCK falling asleep!

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