Deadpool 2 Review

As someone who didn’t like the original Deadpool movie all that much, I was getting pretty excited about this one. Not sure why, but I just was. Maybe it was the marketing, maybe my tastes in movies have changed. Deadpool 2 is about Wade Wilson trying to save one confused and angry young mutant. To do so he meets new faces along the way which place him in a position he wouldn’t normally find himself in. So did I like?

Second Chance

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To my surprise, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to. My relationship with this character is a complicated one. I keep giving him chances to blow my mind, make me laugh every second and every time it doesn’t deliver. The movie does support itself with the good amount of jokes. My favorite scene in the movie by far is the plane one. Purely genius. The pop culture references feel like a major reward for people like us who live this world of entertainment.

What is the sort of jokes I didn’t like? For one, I didn’t appreciate how many rehashed lines we had from the original. I got to give credit where credit is due, though and give applause to the one line where repeating it paid off as it took the opportunity to add another layer on top of it.  The overstatement in the more erotic scenes always felt wonky to me. Then there are the bits which dwell on for far too long losing the comedic atmosphere the director was going for.

Familyiar Faults

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The minor lackluster jokes aren’t enough to keep a movie down. The plot on the other hand is. It only is a minor step up from the original. Both lack a sense of pace or layers which so many of the jokes successfully posses. Similarly to the first movie, Act 2 slows down everything in a way that seems odd and unfitting with the rest of the movie. Also, with a higher budget, I expected better visual effects. It was the one Domino scene where CGI began to look cartoony.

Going back to the resemblances of the past, there is a lot of charismatic heart interwoven throughout the story. The positive messages give the movie a strong direction and purpose. It turns out I do care for the some of the characters even a little bit. I’m also glad to see a return of a known face I didn’t expect to show up at all (maybe even multiple characters).


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image via The Indian Express (seriously?)

A major plus is the ensemble. All of them including Domino, who is the best and greatest thing about this film, Cable, Blind Al, Venessa, Yugio, and Colossus add a lot to each scene. The chemistry just works and goes on to support the thesis that Deadpool does work best when placed in a scenario with other extraordinary people. The only exception would be Negasonic Teenage Warhead who detracts by being a tired old gag. Thankfully her presence is limited. Then there are Wade’s recruitments for the X-Force who are the underutilized cherry on top. There could have been so much more done with them.


Deadpool 2 isn’t a movie for everyone. Definitely not a movie for me. Although it has a lot to offer in heartfelt moments, awesome side characters and good jokes, the overall plot of the movie fumbles (pun intended?). Ultimately if this spine isn’t appealing the rest has a hard time growing off of it.


Sorry, but I wanted a higher score as well. Deadpool 3 maybe? Or X-Force! I would love to see a Domino movie now. Zazie Beetz was great! The point is I liked what I was offered, not so much what I got. And stay after credits. There are two right after the another. No point of staying until the end.

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