Most Unecessary Electric BEN 10 Alien of All Time

Welcome everyone to tonight’s special programming we have prepared for you! I haven’t posted here much so I decided to open with my favorite fandom to make up for that by bringing forth multiple aliens to help us decide which one of them is the biggest loser. We will be looking at multiple categories, those being: Originality, Powers and Design. Also no reboot!

Now meet the contestants…..

(Up to down) Feedback, Brainstorm, Buzzshock, Shocksquatch, AmpFibian, Frankenstrike



Despite anyone’s beliefs BenVicktor (Frankenstrike) was not the first Ben 10 alien to wield the power of electricity. That honor goes to Buzzshock. His alien design did debut in early episodes of Ben 10 in episode 6 of season 1 called “Tourist Trap” as the creatures known as Meggawhatt. Also keep in mind he was the first electric alien we saw Ben use (in the future). Having this said he never felt like Ben’s true first electrical alien which is first place goes to Benvicktor aka Frankenstrike.

Since then the order of appearence is: Brainstorm, AmpFibian, Shocksquatch and Feedback. It looks like Feedback should be getting last place, but originality is also scored by how much each alien stands out. Honestly, if we look at each alien Feedback looks like the most creative one with an original concept which is why he will get the 2nd spot behind Frankestrike and in front of Buzzshock. The rest stays as Brainstorm (4th), Amphibian (5th) and Shocksquatch (6th).


Other than electricity what are some of the other powers these aliens posses? Buzzshock can travel through electrical currents, fly and move at impressive speeds. Frankenstrike can create portals, attach himself to metal surfaces, connect to technology, has super strength and is pretty smart. Brainstorm seems like the lamest of them all, but he can do so much more such as use his mind to create electromagnetic fields to allow himself to levitate, cause force fields. Other abilities include powerful razor sharp claws/clamps and a high level of intellect.

Other than Shocksquatch’s electrical manipulation he is strong. That’s pretty much it. Feedback can, like the rest of these guys, absorb electricity, but he can do it in a more badass way not to mention he is more agile. AmpFibian can travel through electrical currents (like cables, computers), fly, be a fast swimmer and breathe underwater.

If we were to rank the abilities of these aliens it would be: Frankenstrike, Brainstorm, Buzzshock, AmpFibian, Feedback and Shocksquatch.


Say what you want but Feedback by far has the coolest alien design. Sure he retreds some of the powers and abilities of the previous aliens, but what truly makes him stand out from the other guys is his cool form. When he absorbs electricity out of his enemies it ends up looking downright cool. Frankenstrike needs to have the 2nd place. He is based after Frankenstein’s monster with the badass stiches and has two giant electrical poles on his back. Glorious.

What’s not to love?

3rd place would have to go to Shocksquatch because he is a freaking giant electrical Yeti! Even though his Omniverse design to me ended up being a step in the wrong direction it would seem I was in the minority. Thankfully it’s not that big of a deal. Then we got Brainstorm. Can I ask why was a crab your choice to display as someone with electrical abilities? It was a questionable choice, but in execution it really ends up working out. Who doesn’t love when he opens up his brain, amarite?

Next, on 5th we have to give to Buzzshock. I do think it’s too simplistic, but the battery concept does work well with the electricity powers. Plus it is pretty cute. Last but not least we get AmpFibian with THE WORST electrical alien design. He is just a jellyfish/squid. It makes sense but it looks too simple and overly bland.

Is that all you got?

And here we go! Our final scoreboard!

1. Frankenstrike – 17 pts

2. Feedback – 13 pts

3. Brainstorm – 11 pts

4. Buzzshock – 10 pts

5. Shocksquatch & AmpFibian – 6 pts


It seems like by the end of the day Frankestrike is the winner. He may not be the best alien, but he is the most un-unnecessary one. Yes, that’s a word now. He was superior in his powerset, originality and second best in design. Feedback overall was the runner up, but he sadly didn’t win.


That’s right! We got 2 pointless aliens those being AmpFibian and Shocksquatch. I like these guys, but let’s not kid ourselves, Ben has just too many aliens that can take up their absence. Sorry guys that you were the one to bite the bullets.

And that’s all for tonight! Hopefully you enjoyed our special program. See you next hero time!


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