Cyberpunk 2077 Will Shake Up the Industry to Its Core, But I Won’t Be Buying It

Cyberpunk 2077 showed off their newest 48-minute gameplay. Watching it was like a dream come true, just take a look for yourself. I’m sure at least it’ll mildly peek your interest (or blow your mind).

This game has been garnering so much hype around it and I’m truly happy for its devs and the gaming industry. The absence of loading screens, and assigning every NPC with their own day & night cycles are just two of the examples I brought up that will push the industry forward. Here is a team, CDProjekt Red, who ensures to go against the rather toxic, shortsighted and limiting industry norms set from the likes of EA, Blizzard Activision, Bethesda, and Ubisoft.

It’s going to set a new standard for other game publishers to strive for, and that’s what I’m truly excited to see. Publishers and developers focused on wanting what’s best for the industry. As a Polish guy myself, it’s also nice seeing Poles finally represent some part of geek/gaming culture that gleams with acclaim. So why won’t I be probably getting the game?

Image result for cyberpunk 2077

Over the years I’ve come to finally develop a sense of what I actually need or desire in my life. I’m not willing to overpass the meaning of games like these, I celebrate them for the exact reasons I mentioned, yet I’m not seeing myself all that overwhelmed at the sight of what I’m seeing.

“If a game ain’t fun, why bother?”

Those are the famous words uttered from the man himself, Reggie Fils-Aimé at the 2017 E3 Nintendo Digital Presentation. I decided to make this my motto for choosing the games I wanna play. From what we’ve seen, the game pays attention to detail especially with its aesthetic of the Night City, this being the selling point. But I wished to have seen a game going beyond the realms of your typical hero stuck in the middle of the action guns blazing.

There were multiple options which none lead to non-confrontational encounters. It probably was a decision made on the part to make an exciting preview. I know there are multiple options. My issue is that so do other games, and many lack the push to truly make it a worthwhile, and I’m not seeing it here either. That’s the gameplay portion missing. I don’t see the world through a different lens.

Running around, aiming for weak spots with the implementation of powers and abilities got old for me. I’ve played games that are able to do this (even one or two coming from Bethesda). For now, I’ll just stick to catching up on the loads of games I still need to finish.

CDProjekt Red might be moving the industry forward into the brighter, however, it’s not going to revolutionize it. At least for me.

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