Top 10 BEN 10 Aliens

It started when an alien device did what it did it! That’s right guys! Time for today to unveil my favorite alien list. This is my personal list so definelty tell me what you think about it. Without a further ado, IT’S HERO TIME.

Honorable Mentions (11-15):

  • Heatblast
  • Clockwork
  • Big Chill
  • Rath
  • Brainstorm

No. 10 – Four Arms

AAAAAHHH! No! Not him!
Ah! That’s better.

I actually never liked this alien. He was one of those overused simple aliens with nothing but strength to offer. Then we find out he was not even the strongest with Way Big and then Humongasaur making their way. So then why is this alien on my list? Well I was watching Ben 10: Ultimate Alien one time and then suddenly….

I started freaking out. Why did I care so much about this guy? Maybe it was the Original Series nostalgia getting in the way of things, maybe it was the badass redesign with the manly ponytail, but then rewatching the classic I started to really like him. I realized how badass this guy was. When I grew older his design started to really speak to me. Having 4 arms during a battle gives potential to awesome fight scene choreography. Also the culture of the Tetramand race in Omniverse really did it for me.

And while rewatching, Four Arms reached his peak with this scene right here. Sorry for the bad video quality, but it will be worth it.

No. 9 – Feedback

Feedback is Ben’s favorite alien and for good reason. Out of all the many electric aliens he has, this one seems the most laid back and chill. His character design is just awesome as it plays strongly off of his powers. His ears, finger tips and tail can absorb any energy and revert it back at their opponent with electricity. One could argue, this electric type has the least going for him power/ability wise and although that’s true, there’s something about his simplicity that speaks to me.

Ben always knows how to make an entrance with him. If you haven’t watched Ben 10 Ominiverse (or got to season 2 finale) I suggest you skip watching this one epic part. If you ever doubt Feedback, you just have to watch this.

I’d like to have this guy in my watch.

No. 8 – Atomix

There is nothing more to say other than this alien makes you smile whenever he is fighting someone else. Like you know, he is kind of Omniverse’s version of a Dragon Ball Z character, which is a show I never watched, but it’s obvious the concept itself is executed really well. He is Ben’s 2nd most powerful alien. His Ben 10K fusion with Alien X really makes you wonder how powerful the two combined can get. So yeah, overall he is downright loveable and if you hate him? What’s wrong with you!?!??!

No. 7 – Swampfire

I really love Swampfire’s design and powers. You can call him an amalgam of Heatblast, Wildvine and Stinkfly. His introduction is what made it for me especially how he could heal off anything in a matter of seconds. His ultimate form is also really bad ass so when you compare the two you’d really not want to mess with him. What really bugged me is how he “blossomed” in Omniverse which overall made his design a bit too colorful to me. Like some kind of delicate flower.

I mean look at him. Looks like a completely new alien only with the same powers. It’s Alien Force all over again! (JK, I love AF) This is what deducted his place on the list for me. I still love his powers & abilities. He has fire blasts, plant manipulation, healing, enhanced strength, faiting gas, roots for feet to stabilize himself. He’s a fella with a lot to offer.

No. 6 – Eye Guy

Here’s a thing. When this alien debuted he really spoke to me. 1) He looks like a giant bat. 2) He has giant eyes. And his eyes can do a variety of things. He can shoot lasers, ice beams and fire beams. Then you can guess, I watch the Yellow Edition of the Secret of the Omnitrix. I’m not sure why they made multiple versions, should’ve just went with the Eye Guy one because he isn’t that oftenly used compared to Heatblast or XLR8. Plus Eye Guy has the most badass clip because in it he showcases a brand new ability.

Kind of a disgusting move, but at the same time realy badass. It’s his most powerful beam attack. He concentrates all of his focus into one giant eye ball that pops out of him. The creative design and the variety in powers is what guarantee him so high on the list. Also, his Omniverse design is the best one minus the fact that Grandpa Max voices him in that one. Whoops! Did you not notice?

No. 5 – Ditto

I realize Echo Echo is like, a “better” version of Ditto, but nothing beats the episode when Ben discovers this new alien species. He was funny, full of life and added a fresh take on the character. You really wanted to be friends with this guy. And if I had to bring one of these aliens to the real world it would be him for exactly that reason. He brings a smile and a sense of innocence to the dark side of the world. My favorite alien debut. I gotta say, when I first saw Echo Echo I felt betrayed. It was like getting punched in a forearm followed by an apology. It seemed like they were trying to replace my bro!

Then Omniverse brought him back making him look cuter than ever before (but apperetnly not as cute as Ghosfreak or Big Chill, right?). He’s the alien which pushes the limits of fun. If you think about it, if you’d be bored you could call Ditto and play multiplayer games with him or play volleyball or hide and seek or tag or-! Jeez! I am starting to talk like a kid. That’s the effect Ditto has on you, I guess. Another reason to love him.

No. 4 – The Worst

I know what you’re thinking! “Really? The Worst? Are you serious?” First of all, the idea of Ben having a useless alien seems very plausible. Then you watch No Honor Among Bros and you find out he is indestructible!!!! How amazing is that!?!?!?!? Suddenly he goes from one of Ben’s most useless aliens to one of his best. His voice actor De Bradley Baker is also a perfect match and definelty adds a lot of life to him. Listening to this character speak alone makes me smile. Keep in mind Yuri Lowenthal voiced him only when he debuted in the epsiode called Outbreak. So when you go back to listen to his voice do not watch Outbreak because that’s not the actor I am talking about. Why did they have two different voice actors? Well given how the first one was Yuri (the voice of Ben) they must’ve thought he was gonna be a one off thing, but his popularity demand outgrew the writer’s expectations.

No. 3 – Diamondhead

BOOYAH! An alien that is badass and interestingly enough has an amazing backstory. Petrosapiens turned out to be a very tragic species. I do wanna talk about each of their designs quick. The Original Series had the best one. He appeared buff, strong, intimidating and powerful. The UAF design is surprisingly my second favorite one. It made a lot sense given his relation to the Crystalsapien. Then there’s the Omniverse design which looks interesting color wise, but then what happened? I mean he still looks cool, but why is his lower body so skinny??!?!

The Ben 10K design looks also really unique. Probably my favorite version of them all. Anyway, Diamondhead is one of those guys who looks visually stunning while doing anything. Even standing makes him look cool. The idea seems very original and never thought of before which kind of proved why the Original Series was so good. He encapsulates everything good about it.

No. 2 – Snare-Oh

“Ah! Mummy! Finally!” Pretty much my reaction when Ben first turned into him. When he gained the DNA sample of the alien, but didn’t turn into him I felt tramautized as a kid. I was a fan of mummies, alright? Egyptian gods, creatures and monsters always peaked my attention. So when an alien was based exactly after that, I was obviously more than happy. When he finally turned into him it was so exciting. I also freaked out when he got a 5 second appearence in the future episode, but that was it. And I felt a bit sad. And then….

You know how awesome this was?! The design? He resembled an actual pharoh! Don’t get me started on his voice actor (Kevin Michael Jordanson). They got someone perfect to voice the Mummy! And his move set was just the best! He could dodge lasers left and right like a boss. The series pushed his potential to the max.

Omniverse did him justice.

No. 1 – Ripjaws

Your reaction be like!

Chances, if you loved my choices for this list so far, this is gonna ruin it for you. Having this said I am unapologetic of putting him as my number 1. Firstly, Ripjaws has the most badass design of all time when talking about the Original Series version. He looks imposing, scary. He’s the sort of alien that doesn’t even have to talk to be considered badass. Secondly, he is criminally underused. I felt like Man of Action really couldn’t think of more ways to use him which made his appearence that much more special. Thirdly, he had a major weakness. This part is usually when people stop liking the alien, deem him as useless, but having some set backs truly makes things that much more intense. It’s kind of when Ben used to have a time limit. It made you worry for him way more.

“I’m gonna try an old favorite!” You got that right! This was probably the most ecstatic 20 seconds in my youth. One of the least appriciated aliens of all time and he got a chance to shine! It truly made Ripjaws fan boys like me going crazy. Even if there’s like 5 of us. Now I was mostly upset about his teeth not being as visually big as in the original, but I got my baby back so either way I couldn’t complain. Let me put you things into perspective, in an Ultimate Alien episode called the Deep, when Ben travelers to a Homeworld of Ripjaws, a planet only made up of water, and you do not turn into Ripjaws you sure bet I was dissapointed!!!!! Followed 2 episodes later, he finally turns into Ripjaws my heart was fulfilled.

And then Omniverse fixed the teeth problem but then ran into a new one. He was too big. Ripjaws looked cool because he was a fish-man and not a fish-monster. I mean judge for yourself and tell am which one looks more badass. Maybe they messed up the proportions between him and Diamondhead? Anyway, I’m still enormously thankful for bringing back Ripjaws. I’d get excited whenever he used his jaw and claws to rip apart through something as if it was a piece of paper which is the final point as to why he was my favorite. He, like Feedback did everything in style.


And that’s it! These are the aliens I love the most and even think would make it onto my first 10 Aliens in a watch. If I’d only have these for the rest of my life I would never complain. Although Heatblast as the 11th alien would be nice to have. Hopefully you enjoyed this post. Peace out!

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