Kevin 11 Analysis #1 – Original Series

Kevin 11 is one of the most popular Ben 10 adversaries. I loved his character as a kid because an amalgamation of all of Ben’s aliens is just so cool. Every series had their version of the character’s abomination look so why not make a series out of it? My goal is to identify every power and body part of the alien. Today we will be looking at the original series Kevin who had my 2nd favorite design for the character.


Appearence: The alien that takes up the majority of Kevin’s body. The head, the waist and legs. His left side of the face also has two pairs of Tetramand eye balls, not to mention he has the 4 arms only that almost each hand is characterized by a different alien DNA.

He’s of the same height as Ben’s transformation of Four Arms

Powers: This gives him the ability of strength, stamina, durability and endurance. With this obviously come advantages such as jumping for long distances and many more.


Appearence: Kevin only has the tail of XLR8 which we’ve seen him use in combat to pull Ben with him to fall in the season finale epsiode 13 of season 2 called, Back with a Vengeance.

Run Kevin, run!

Powers: He retains the speed. He mixes this power with Four Arms’ super strength to recreate a much more powerful impact and pack a harder punch.


Appearence: Left-upper hand is that of the alien species.

Powers: He can shoot fire, control it thanks to the pyrokenesis mumbo jumbo. Kevin often finds himself combing this power with…


Appearence: Wings. Yup pretty much.

Powers: He can fly with his giant wings. On top of that he can spit out green goo with sticky and explosive properties if mixed with fire.


Appearence: His right-hand is made up of crystal like the Petrosapien alien. It’s durable and can change shapes accordingly to the alien’s wishes.

Powers: His arm can shapeshift. He can shoot out deadly shards or form a giant sharp crystal for the sake of it. The arm is also veru durable which he can also use for defense not to mention he can summon crystals from the ground and control them.


Appearence: He has the glowing photosphorescent light for swimming in the dark depths and big steel shredding teeth. He also has the gills to breathe underwater which appear underneath his lower armpits!

Powers: He has a light source to swim in the gloomy depths and big steel shredding teeth. He posses the gills to breathe underwater!


Appearence: A giant eye ball and the the ridges under his eyes.

Powers: Even though it seems like common sense, Kevin 11 never showcased his ability to posses Grey Matter’s intelligence. My best guess is that he doesn’t have it given he hasn’t shown the capacity to posses the slightest scent of it. In fact, he has acted in many ways which would make him dumb. Remember when Ben was the one to tell him he could combine his powers to create stronger effects in epsiode 5 of season 2 called Grudge Match? With the smarts of a Galvin he should have figured that out on his own. Case closed. So what does he posses? The ability to close his eyes horizontally of course.


Appearence: 2/4 of the hands are Wildmutt’s paws. They appear on his lower arms and there has been no sign of the radar senses of the Vulpimancer.

Powers: Kevin 11 gains Wildmutt’s sharp claws, enhanced agility, some more strength and an ehanced sense of smell. Again not sure if he has his radar senses.


Appearence: There is more Kevin 11 inherited from Ghostfreak than just the ugliness. He also has the skin marks which Ectonurites use to pull out their tenticles.

Powers: He has Ghostfreak’s strong tentacles which he never used. He doesn’t posses his invisibility, intangability nor flight.


Appearence: He has Galvanic Mechamorphian skin on his back.

Powers: This apparently gives Kevin 11 some stretchability as stated on the Ben 10 wiki. That’s it! Not sure if he can control any form of technology even.


The worst definelty has to be Grey Matter. It literally doesn’t exist. You could’ve at least given Kevin some small chunk of Grey Matter’s abilities like maybe have him be more talented with technology or fixing things. It would show he has one tenth of his smarts. That could’ve been showcased in the Grudge Match episode when Kevin could’ve found a way to free himself from the shackles. They can’t all be winners though, can they?


Upgrade has to be the biggest one. If his back is all you can give then we got ourselves a problem. You only had 10 aliens to work with! Why couldn’t he have his laser eye? Or instead of the ripped pants, that part could’ve been Upgrade’s body and he could’ve had the laser eye on as something that resembles a belt. I’m not sure if this is the best idea, but it could’ve been more than just back accessory (pun unintended).


As said before, Four Arms seems to be taking over the majority of the character’s appearence. It also seems as the powers Kevin uses the most. It’s kind of difficult not to use Four Arms’ powers because he can’t ever turn them off. Plus, he just loves to punch Ben from a close up with fists. Weird fetish.

So that’s it for now! Can’t wait to continue this series as I’m sure it will be fun. Make sure to leave your thoughts below. I really like this version of Kevin. One of the more badass looking one.

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