Kevin 11 Analysis #2 – Alien Force

And we are back with the new installment of Kevin Levin transformations. Don’t worry, if you feel like we missed out on some know that’s only your imagination (for now). Let’s go with the least exciting transformation (until Omniverse).


This one makes no sense. How is touching the Omnitrix where you have a watch of aliens turn you into specific elements. It’s weird. I’m also assuming this absorption only builds itself upon his skin layer which is lackluster compared to his other transformations. We know the Alien Force design originally looked different since the Ultimate Kevin saga from Ultimate Alien was supposed to be season 3 of Alien Force. Maybe even much darker, but CN had to come in a scream no. So we ended up with this thing.

I think it’s safe to say the Omnitrix accident disrupted Kevin’s control of absorption rather than force DNA samples in place of his own. But then how did he get covered with wood or the metal? He had to have touched it to get it. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but it makes no sense.

Right Arm & Torso – METAL

We don’t know which metal it is, but we know it is one as when compared to the times Kevin has absorbed metal before, it matches up.

Left Arm & Right Side of Face – STONE

Another decision we can make based off of our previous knowledge of how stone looks like on Kevin. It can also change its shape and change it to any weapon Kevin pleases. What we can also spot in the photo above is how Kevin can mix the substances in his weapons. It adds a visual flare but also pops in a question. If Kevin can add other elements to his weapons at the side of the body where that give element is not present, can he make one element encompass the entirety of his body instead of always looking like a mixture?

Legs – WOOD

The weakest of options also seems to be taking up a good portion of his body. Wood seems like the worst option. I would’ve replaced it with rubber – as seen before – since it could help Kevin bounce and jump higher. Would’ve made for more interesting battle moves than just punching.

Left Side of the Face – ????

This one is a more interesting part. It’s torquish turquoise which gives us two possibilities. Both of these elements we have seen in this universe and animation which could give us a hint.


We’ve seem Diamondhead in the animation who is made up of crystals. An argument could be made that since Kevin touched the Omnitrix it was a piece left over from Diamondhead’s appearance. Where this idea ultimately fails is that it the metal, wood or stone don’t come from any of the aliens in particular.


Here is the more likely choice other than just any crystal. I thought this was once a weakness for Kevin since he couldn’t stop absorbing it in Episode 3 of Alien Force, but apparently we’ve seem him absorb it later on with no issues so this very much could be the case.

Correct me whether this was taydenite or not specified

Are you team taydenite or team crystal? We’re debating about the least visible part of Kevin’s.

Under the Undies – RUBBER

That’s right! This is an analysis and we cannot miss out on any part and we won’t stop speculating as to what is found in his private area. My understanding is that it’s rubber. Yes, the substance I was annoyed they left out is actually there only not visible because of the undies. And it sort of makes sense. I mean if it was made of rock we wouldn’t see Gwen chasing so desperately after that magic spell to cure Kevin.


This award goes to wood. It is the most useless and most vulurable substance. It is the weakest, it is the bluntest and adds nothing in combat. Like said, this should’ve been where the rubber was. If we had rubber it would also saved him from electrical hazards if he were to step on a hazardous area like a puddle with electricity and wood is a major conductor.


Eat gold poop if you disagree, but having any form of crystal and making it just an accessory on your face is dumb. Sure he can incorporate some of it in parts of his weapons, but that’s it. We never saw him create a blade purely made up of the crystal when in this transformation.

So that’s it. See you next time on my Kevin 11 Analysis. Tell if you agree with my assessment and comment what you think of this version of Kevin. Peace out.

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